The website name come from the publication "Qui ? Résiste" published by P. di Sciullo
since 1983. The initial aim was to put on-line
some extracts of this publication, several numbers of which are exhausted.
Then the website was gradually supplement
with various experiments of the author,
a selection of its fonts and some graphic designs realized by himself or with freelancers within his studio.

Pierre di Sciullo's studio
new address since the 11th of March, 2013
15 rue Hégésippe Moreau, 75018 Paris
rdc atelier E4
métro La Fourche

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Previous Internships or freelance :

Ellen Gogler
Imme Werner
Stéphane Robert
Fréderic Teschner
Isabelle Guillaume
Fanette Mellier
Livia Marchand
Katleen Rousset
Juliette Cheval
Sophie Cure
Tanguy Wermelinger
Benoît Verjat
Baptiste Alchourroun
Juliette Cheval
Amélie Lebleu
Maud Guerche
Diane Boivin